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Man Made Land

In 2011 I graduated from Dutch Photography School with a series of landscape images on the theme ‘how humans shape the landscape’. I was inspired by the work of Nadav Kander and Edward Burtynsky.

I loved the project but I always had (and still have) a bit of a love-hate relationship with the sites I found. I understand the need for adapting the landscape to meet our economic needs, but I always felt grief for what has been lost in the process. Especially when our intervention doesn’t exactly make the landscape more attractive, as it so often doesn’t.

Fast forward a decade and I was making my living as a food- and product photographer. And then Covid happened. Like so many of us, things changed dramatically for me. And after a few years of struggling to keep my business afloat, I pulled the plug earlier this year. I realised that I had lost the joy in what I was doing. And I’d loose my love for photography all together if I carried on.

After I made that decision, everything started to flow again. I’ve never been more productive.

I have found my passion for landscape photography again. I’ve traveled a bit and made heaps of beautiful new images. I’m taking part in a group exhibition later this year and I’m collaborating with other creative people.

I’ve reached a point now where I feel ready to go a step futher. Reach a little deeper. Use my passion and technical skills for something bigger then myself. So I have gone back to my project ‘Man Made Land’ and see if I can make it bigger and better, and hopefully create some impact.

Jessica Kittle
July 2023